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Christmas homework

You can go on learning English in Christmas:

Listen to your favourite songs in English, Christmas Carols. You can also listen again to the listenings in the Student's Book and the Workbook. You can even look for listenings in the Internet (you can find many links in this blog!!)

Watch films and TV series in their original version (subtitled, if this is easier for you). There are many web pages like www.mejorenvo.com.

Read in English. Books, short stories, texts, news... anything you may find interesting. What are you interested in? What is your favourite pop or rock singer or group? Any actor or actress you follow? Look for information about them and read it.

You can also speak English. You may find people all over the world who want to meet you. Probably they won't speak Spanish, but they may speak English. Just like you!!

Review and study. If you want to communicate, you'll need grammar and vocabulary. (I'm sorry, but it's true)


Link to work with ESO levels

If you want to review 1º, 2º, 3º or 4º ESO, go to this LINK.

Then you have to click on an icon like this and log in. 

Good luck!!

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Past Tenses. Confusing tenses.

In this webpage you can find exercises to practise with confusing tenses.
You may be interested in Simple Past, Past Progressive, Present Perfect and Past Perfect.