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Oral Skills Companion Listening Unit 1

1. You are going to listen to five people talking about their free time. What activities are they talking about? (shopping, playing the guitar, cycling, athletics, social networking, reading, computer games, climbing, skateboarding, basketball)


2. Read the sentences. Then listen again and decide if they are true (T) or false (F).
1 Adam prefers doing this with his family.  _______
2 Ben sometimes has to prioritize his school work over his hobby. _______
3 Carrie always does what her mother asks her to. _______
4 Dena doesn’t take safety very seriously. _______
5 Ed’s family isn’t very supportive of his hobby. _______

3. Complete these extracts from the recording. Use the present simple or the present continuous. 
1 This week I ______________ (finish) the last phase of one of my new games [...]
2 My brother always __________ (insist) that we play some sort of sports game [...]
3 I _________________ (train) three times a week [...]
4 We _________________ (not do) very well this season, [...]
5 She _____________ (not understand) how I can have so much to say to my friends [...]
6 I ______________ (try) to organize my birthday party [...] 
7 [...] we ______________ (not bother) most of the time, to be honest.
8 Matthew ___________ (write) a new song at the moment and it’s brilliant!

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miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

Reported Speech. Dialogue


Mr. Black: I went to the travel agency two days ago and booked our flight to Innsbruck.
 Mrs. Black: Will the tickets be as expensive as we thought?
 Mr. Black: Don’t worry! I’ve booked a night flight and this is always cheaper. I only had to pay fifty dollars and I‘m really quite happy now.
 Mrs. Black: Did the travel agent give you any brochures of Austria?
 Mr. Black: I have received five brochures today.
 Mrs. Black: Can I have a look at them?
 Mr. Black: Yes, you can. But don’t give them to Paula! She always forgets to give them back!
 Mrs. Black: When will we be able to collect these tickets?
 Mr. Black: They will be ready at the end of next week.


Mr. Black said to his wife that he had gone to the travel agency two days before and had booked their flight to Innsbruck.
Mrs. Black asked Mr. Black if the tickets would be as expensive as they had thought.
Mr. Black tod her not to worry. He said that he had booked a night flight and that was always cheaper. He told her that he only had had to pay  fifty dollars and he was really quite happy in that moment.
Mrs. Black asked her husband if the travel agent had given him SOME brochures of Austria.
Mr. Black answered that he had received five brochures that day.
Mrs. Black wanted to know if she could have a look at them.
Mr. Black said that she could. He also told her not to give them to Paula. He said that she always forgot to give them back.
Mrs. Black asked when they would be able to collect those tickets.
Mr. Black answered that they would be ready at the end of the following week.

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

solutions to passives

1-We had our house painted
2-Jane had her hair cut yesterday
3-we are going to have our Windows replaced tomorrow
4-I am having my eyes checked tomorrow
5-Larry had his car inspected last summer
6-We have had a new central heating system installed in our house
7-I am having my Winter coat cleaned
8-Christine has had her jewellery valued
9-He is going to have one of his wisdom teeth taken out.
10-She had her nose altered last year.

1-It is thought that ghosts exist / ghosts are thought to exist
2-It is thought that Money is …//Money is thought to be the most …
3-It was said that the business was not good//The business was said not to have been good
4-It was said the the rock star …// The rock star was said to have sung only two songs
5-It is confirmed that the rocket was broken // the rocked is confirmed to be broken (to have been broken)
6-It is believed that the prisoner … // the prisoner is believed to have had second chances
7-It is expected  that the job … // the job is expectd to be done son
8-It was admitted that the crime … // The crime was admitted to have happened in front of him
9-It is thought that Santa … // Santa is thought to be real
10-It is assumed that the fight … // The fight is admitted to have been a trap
11-It was proved that … // The thieves were proved to have stolen the Money
12-It is believed that global warming … // Global warming is believed to be dangerous
13-It was reported that … // The new models were reported to be totally made in Madrid
14-It is confirmed that … //The space shuttle is confirmed to have fallen into the Pacific Ocean
15-It is expected that the workers …// The workers are expected to finish the stadium …
16-It is assumed that the security system failed // the security system is assumed to have failed

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And you can find lots of exercises in THIS LINK