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Student's book p. 12 . Tapescript

Here you are the tapescript for the listening in you Student's book, page 12. Now you can see if you have understood everything.
If you click on it with the right button of your mouse, you can open it in a new window and listen to it at the same time.

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Speaking about personal interests and hobbies

Here you are some links that may be useful for your speech:

Remember that:
1. You have to talk for 1 minute (more or less) and you can use a powerpoint presentation
2. Your classmates should understand you, so: speak slowly and clearly and... shout!!!
3. You can write NOTHING in your powerpoint
4. Do you want your classmates to pay attention to you? Then you should pay attention to them when they speak. RESPECT!!
5. You may be requested to talk about the information other students give or to ask questions about their interests, so... PAY ATTENTION!!!

You may talk about:
bunji jumping
stamp collecting
playing sports (can be more specific)
playing board games
water sports
fixing things (computers, cars, things that are broken,...)
watching/observing wildlife
playing video games
collecting/trading comic books
collecting action figures
creating things with my hands
designing websites
inventing things
collecting coins
collecting toys
collecting leaves
collecting insects
thrill seeker
collecting Cd's/DVDs
listening to music
meeting new people
playing computer games
collecting musical instruments (e.g.; guitars)
collecting paintings
learning a new language
playing a musical instrument
exploring different cultures
...and many more...

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Oral Skills Companion Listening Unit 1 Tapescript

I asked for a new console for my last birthday and that’s what I got, along with a few games I wanted. I’m really into action games, and sometimes I find it really difficult to stop, even for meals! This week I’m finishing the last phase of one of my new games and it’s getting really exciting! I often play with my brother but it’s more fun when one of my friends comes round. My brother always insists that we play some sort of sports game, but I can’t stand them, especially soccer games.

I train three times a week and we always have a match on Saturday mornings. It doesn’t leave
a lot of time for studying, but I can usually cope unless I’ve got an exam, in which case I might miss a training session. I’ll never be a professional but I really enjoy playing and I’m not bad – on a good day, I can score ten or twelve points! We aren’t doing very well this season, though, so the coach isn’t pleased. Anyway, I get on well with the other players in my team and we sometimes go out together for a pizza in the evening.

I spend a lot of time online. I turn on my computer as soon as I get home from school. My mum thinks it’s pointless. She can’t understand how I can have so much to say to my friends when I’ve been with them all day, but I just like being in touch with them. She makes me turn it off until my homework’s done, although I usually have a sneaky look to see who’s logged on. I don’t actually post any messages until I’ve finished my homework, though. I’m trying to organize my birthday party, so I’ve spent more time on it than usual this week. But it’s important – I have to find out who’s coming.

When the weather’s good, I meet up with my friends and we all go together. There’s a special park near where I live, so we don’t have to go far, which is great. In the summer, we spend all evening there, but during term time, I can only go at weekends. I suppose we should wear a helmet and protective gear, but we don’t bother most of the time, to be honest. I’ve been doing it more or less every day since I got my first board at the age of eight and I’ve never hurt myself badly. I do sometimes fall off but it’s normal to have a few injuries from time to time.

I’ve always loved rock music and I’ve just started a new band with my friend Matthew. I can’t practise as much as I want because the rest of my family complain about the noise, but I always have a go as soon as everyone goes out. I often go round to Matthew’s house because he’s got a basement where we can play as loudly as we like. He sings quite well and his brother plays the keyboards, so all we need now is a drummer! Matthew’s writing a new song at the moment and it’s brilliant! I really think it could be a hit.

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Oral Skills Companion Listening Unit 1

1. You are going to listen to five people talking about their free time. What activities are they talking about? (shopping, playing the guitar, cycling, athletics, social networking, reading, computer games, climbing, skateboarding, basketball)


2. Read the sentences. Then listen again and decide if they are true (T) or false (F).
1 Adam prefers doing this with his family.  _______
2 Ben sometimes has to prioritize his school work over his hobby. _______
3 Carrie always does what her mother asks her to. _______
4 Dena doesn’t take safety very seriously. _______
5 Ed’s family isn’t very supportive of his hobby. _______

3. Complete these extracts from the recording. Use the present simple or the present continuous. 
1 This week I ______________ (finish) the last phase of one of my new games [...]
2 My brother always __________ (insist) that we play some sort of sports game [...]
3 I _________________ (train) three times a week [...]
4 We _________________ (not do) very well this season, [...]
5 She _____________ (not understand) how I can have so much to say to my friends [...]
6 I ______________ (try) to organize my birthday party [...] 
7 [...] we ______________ (not bother) most of the time, to be honest.
8 Matthew ___________ (write) a new song at the moment and it’s brilliant!

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miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

Reported Speech. Dialogue


Mr. Black: I went to the travel agency two days ago and booked our flight to Innsbruck.
 Mrs. Black: Will the tickets be as expensive as we thought?
 Mr. Black: Don’t worry! I’ve booked a night flight and this is always cheaper. I only had to pay fifty dollars and I‘m really quite happy now.
 Mrs. Black: Did the travel agent give you any brochures of Austria?
 Mr. Black: I have received five brochures today.
 Mrs. Black: Can I have a look at them?
 Mr. Black: Yes, you can. But don’t give them to Paula! She always forgets to give them back!
 Mrs. Black: When will we be able to collect these tickets?
 Mr. Black: They will be ready at the end of next week.


Mr. Black said to his wife that he had gone to the travel agency two days before and had booked their flight to Innsbruck.
Mrs. Black asked Mr. Black if the tickets would be as expensive as they had thought.
Mr. Black tod her not to worry. He said that he had booked a night flight and that was always cheaper. He told her that he only had had to pay  fifty dollars and he was really quite happy in that moment.
Mrs. Black asked her husband if the travel agent had given him SOME brochures of Austria.
Mr. Black answered that he had received five brochures that day.
Mrs. Black wanted to know if she could have a look at them.
Mr. Black said that she could. He also told her not to give them to Paula. He said that she always forgot to give them back.
Mrs. Black asked when they would be able to collect those tickets.
Mr. Black answered that they would be ready at the end of the following week.